diamondwelcome to nine line labs

Nine Line Labs, LLC. provides software and solutions for server-side games development as well as accurate and impartial analysis of casino software and mathematical algorithms. Our team of mathematicians, statisticians, actuaries and game design experts is at your disposal to create next-gen solutions and games or provide an in-depth analysis of your game, network or application. We also:

  • Provide recommendations - target your casino game towards specific jurisdictions, player types and local customs.
  • Determine attractiveness - for soft and hard player types, sustainability of drop and hold characteristics and players' perception of your game

diamondwhy choose us?

We are a one-stop-shop for your casino gaming needs. Let our experienced team help with:

  • Custom Server-Based VLT Systems Development

  • Lottery / Appendix X / Transactional Systems Development

  • Slot Game / VLT Slot Analysis / Online and Electronic Lottery Analysis - We provide a complete set of services including: Complete Cycle Analysis (TM), Hit Frequency, Near-Hit Based on Reel Layout, Pay-Out Percentage and much more!

  • Online and Electronic Lottery Analysis - Services for online and electronic lottery analysis including: Complete Pool Analysis (TM), Pay-Out Percentage, Potential Player Churn, Worst-Case Ticket Distribution, Near-Hit Based on Lottery Pay Table & Rules and Scratch/Pull-Tab Lotteries.

  • Independent Mathematical Auditing

Please see our Product Page for a full list of our services!